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Coon Lake Improvement District

The Coon Lake Improvement District Welcomes you to our website. 




The purpose of the website is to be a communications site for, but not limited to, the property owners that are within the boundary of the Coon Lake Improvement District.  The site features news and local events that are related to the mission of the Coon Lake Improvement District. 

         Al Beck              chair                       term ends 2026
         Jeff Welciek      first vice chair        term ends 2025
         Chris Larson     second vice chair   term ends 2026
         Brian Aronson   secretary                term ends 2025
         Bob Czeck         treasurer                term ends 2024


Annual Membership Meeting

When: Wednesday July 24, 2024, 7:00 PM

Where: Coon Lake Community Center



       ***The Coon Lake Improvement District is seeking Volunteers***

The following areas need volunteers to help with the Coon Lake Improvement Districts goals for Coon Lake.  Please consider volunteering for one of the following areas.

  • Recording Secretary
  • Logo Development
  • Research for Grants and Research for Effective Aquatic Plant Control Treatments.

Please use the volunteer page to sign up for any volunteering opportunity that you would like to participate in. 



The members of the Coon Lake Improvement District would also like through the spirit of stewardship among the citizens, for the site to also be  community orientated. You are urged to share your thoughts, upcoming lake events, and photos that are lake related on an ongoing basis.





 The Coon Lake Improvement District was formed  so that it would be within the reach  of our community to work closely with other environmental groups,  governmental,  and private organizations for the environmental and ecological  improvement of  Coon Lake.  Its main objective is to create and maintain an Aquatic Environment of good water quality and help the lake retain its natural flora, improve recreation and lake utilization through necessary actions and education which will provide preservation of the lake.



Please visit often as there are many changes coming in the future. 


***Due to the current federal and state emergency declarations and guidance about limiting person-to-person contact due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic (Executive Order 20-01 and Executive Order 20-20), by action of the Coon Lake Improvement District (CLID), all future meetings of the Coon Lake Improvement District will be conducted in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13D.021—Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means—until further notice***


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The Coon Lake Improvement Association has worked closely with the Minnesota DNR and local area fisherman on walleye stocking programs for Coon Lake.  Previous stocking efforts by CLIA have been approved by the MN DNR and have proven to be successful.  Therefore, the MN DNR has  implemented a 17" minimum walleye harvest length for walleyes caught in Coon Lake.
How to Measure a Fish
Do your part by returning Coon Lake walleyes shorter than the 17" length back into Coon Lake unharmed.