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Safety First
We all live by the water for some reason, with it comes more responsibilty to keep our loved ones safe.

Living on the lake comes with more responsibility.  Everything from protecting the environment that you live in, to protecting the people that use the lake.

Every year tragic events take place on the lake that could have been prevented. 

Most  of these accidents involve no life preserving gear available to the lake user at the time of the accident.

Safety should be your #1 priority on the water. 

Please make sure that a life preserver is available for everyone on your watercraft.   Children 10 and under must have a life preserver on at all times, Grant Allen law of 2005.

Safety is no accident.  Please talk to your guests and children about safety on the water.  Both Summer and Winter has its own dangers.

Please visit the Safety Site for more safety tips on making the lake a safer place for everyone.

Take your Online Safety Course now.

For more information an safe winter practices please see the following DNR site on Ice Dangers.

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