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Coon Lake Improvement District
2008 - 2009 Meeting Minutes > CLID March 26 2008
CLID March 26 2008
CLC&SC -- Mar 26, 2008 --
Coon Lake Improvement District Board Meeting Minutes—March 26, 2008
Call to order: 7:07
Board Members Present: 
Mike Bury - Chairman,
Mike Gaynor – 1st Vice Chair
Dave Koenig – 2nd Vice Chair,
Tim Donnay - Treasurer,
Ron Croteau - Secretary.
1) Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved
2) Introduction of Participants – Board & Visitors
3) Approval of Minutes: Board Meeting minutes of 3/12 approved
4) Open Forum for Public Comments:
a)      Question raised by John Maskalans re the docks at the Coon Lake Beach area. Discussion held. Rick Jestus is a member of the CLCSC and will assist in working with the CLID and the CLCSC to address the issue.
b)      Question raised whether DNR would oversee the treatment plan. Answer: Yes, a vegetation plan is going to be developed after survey work done 
5) Review Old Business
a)      County Financial Contract
1)      Tim Donnay received contract from Cevin Peterson of Anoka County Finance.
2)      Contract was discussed – there were a number of things missing, and Tim Donnay & Mike Bury were to meet and review changes to be requested and pass on to the Board.
3)      A critical part of contract is the ability to defer billing / payment until we get funds from our assessments in June / July 2009
b)      Letter to District Members
1)      Mike Bury drafted up a letter and has received feedback from the Board Members on proposed changes
2)      It was discussed that the letter should be modified to make reference to our PO Box address, and a mention made of website address if we could get one set up. Ron Croteau & Mike Bury will review and pass on to the Communications committee.
3)      Penny Balfany was working on modifying the mail label list. Not completed at that time.
6) Committee Updates:
a)      By-Laws - Ron Croteau / Tim Donnay
1)      Ron / Tim modified by-laws for Board review. Copies were circulated
2)      Muriel Maskalans made a point that the by-laws should have a date, and asked if we needed to mention the $300 limit per property for assessments. It was discussed the dollar limit wasn’t necessary but should be dated. Motion made to approve by-laws with a date reference by Mike Bury – Seconded by Dave – Approved
b)      Set-Up / Admin Committee – Ron Croteau / Muriel Maskalans / Greg Bushman
1)      Insurance Policy. Muriel Maskalans working with a broker to get quotes on insurance. Has spoken to John Sullivan at County. Working on getting comprehensive general liability and auto liability. Don’t need bond coverage /crime at this time. Has a form that needs to be completed.
2)      Election Committee. Preliminary contact made with Rachel (? ) at Anoka County on election Process. All ballots need to be done by mail. Detailed in by-laws who gets to vote. Check MN statutes & rules – can we tie voting to property ownership? More work to be done – want to seek one vote per property vs. property owner??
3)      Greg Bushman set up a database for document storage that could be used to store District documents that could be shared by the Board and committees’. He will add Board Members and send out invitation
4)      The set-up committee will check out if there is any break in doing mailings through the county
5)      Barb Bouljon has volunteered to help out on this committee, as has Penny Balfany.
c)      Communication – Mike Gaynor / Rick Jestus
1)      Rick Jestus has investigated a number of website possibilities, and set up a sample to review for possible content. Passed out screen samples.
2)      Greg Bushman & Rick Jestus to review domain names. CLID.com is taken, but perhaps could get CLIDMN registered as either a .com or a .org.
3)      Rick waiting for feedback / approval to proceed. Willing to pay first years cost of $17/month as a donation to the CLID
4)      Mike Gaynor awaiting letter & labels to get mailing underway. He indicated a preference for CLID to maintain its own account, but was told we will do through the County. This group will be looking for volunteers for mailing.
5)      It was discussed that this committee should be developing an e-mail communication address book to send out communications to cut down on mailing costs.
d)     Research committee -   Tim Donnay (Greg Bushman has volunteered to help)
1)      Tim Donnay is heading committee. He indicates he will be gathering questions for survey as posed by CLID members. Leon and others have been communicating questions. Tim needs to get committee started.
2)      No communication yet made with DNR to get updated list of LIDS
3)      No communication made with other organizations yet – no time line given. Lake Committee has indicated that indicated we need to move quickly to get information.
e)      Lake Vegetation Committee – Dave Koenig / Leon Magers / Doug Tierney
1)      Dave talked to Wendy Cromwell of DNR – spoke of criteria to select experimental treatment program. We were out of the running because we didn’t have any survey info.
2)      CLID working with CLIA on survey needs – tough sledding to get commitment for spring survey – Per DNR if we have problems with Curly leaf then a survey for only Milfoil wouldn’t likely be approved.
3)      We need to come up with a Plan A / Plan B approach based on what we’re approved for, with appropriate budget numbers.
7) New Business / Discussion
a)      Rick Jestus indicated another need for the CLID to review was runoff from the Public Access. There should be some sort of salt / oil barrier to prevent running into the lake.
b)      Mike Bury volunteered to make up a contact list of e-mails and phone numbers of public officials for he CLID committees
c)       Doug Tierney wants to check for any training possibility in doing the survey work ourselves
d)     The communication committee should review whether making information available on a website covers any of our need to supply public notice to members
Meeting adjourned (time approx 9:52 PM)
We want to thank all those who attended the meeting, and a give a particular thank you and our appreciation to those who have volunteered to help.
The CLID’s Next Meeting will be Wed. April 9thth at 7:00 PM