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2008 - 2009 Meeting Minutes > CLID May 28 2008
CLID May 28 2008
May 28, 2008 --


Coon Lake Improvement District Board Meeting Minutes—May 28, 2008
Call to order: 7:05
Board Members Present: 
Mike Bury - Chairman,
Mike Gaynor – 1st Vice Chair
Dave Koenig – 2nd Vice Chair,
Tim Donnay - Treasurer,
Ron Croteau - Secretary.
There were 3 committee members present, in addition to the Board.
1)      Introduction of Participants – Board & Visitors
None required.
2)      Approval of Minutes: Board Meeting minutes of 5/14 were approved as presented, and can be added to the website.
3)      Open Forum for Public Comments:   
4)      Treasurer’s report
Tim Donnay provided a Treasury Report indicating we had a $2,000 balance waiting to be deposited pending direction regarding a financial services contract. The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.
It was noted that Herbert L and Ann Lewis donated $400 to the CLID for our activities, which is much appreciated. A motion was made and seconded that Tim Donnay would write letters of thanks on behalf of the CLID to the parties whom have contributed funds – These are 1) CLIA, whom donated $2,000; 2) Herbert & Ann Lewis $400; and 3) Rick Jestus whom has donated the initial cost and the monthly fees to keep the website operational, in addition to the hours of set-up and development time. 
5) Review Old Business
a)      County Financial Contract
Ron Croteau and Mike Bury outlined the meeting with the County Finance people. The financial services contract will be for $500 and will cover the initial period from June 1st 2008 through July 31st 2009. Billing will be done at the end of the period. The wording to submit for the amended reimbursement portion of the contract was approved to send, which Mike Bury agreed to do.
b)     Meeting Night
Mike Bury provided information to the CLCSC regarding 4 sites with AA meetings in the evening within the area. There has been no further discussion regarding the initial request to look at moving our meetings to another day of the week.
c)      Some of the Board Members and volunteers still have not been able to get into Box.net to look at the information that has been gathered and organized there. Ron Croteau agreed to follow up with Greg Buschman to get invitations sent out to the board and volunteers.
d)     Maps. It was requested by Doug Tierney to get a copy of the maps of the lake provided by the county. Ron Croteau agreed to send to all board & committee members electronic versions of the maps before the next board meeting.
6) Committee Updates:
a)      Set-Up / Admin Committee – Ron Croteau / Muriel Maskalans / Barb Bouljon / Penny Balfany
1)      Properties within the district: Ron Croteau has received the property revision list from the County. It is somewhat convoluted, but we will map the changes, and revise the property database, and modify the mailing label list with all changes, and share with the board when finalized.
2)      Insurance: Muriel Maskalans has followed up with the Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust – premium would be for $814 for 7 months starting June 1st.   A motion was made to approve the insurance by Ron Croteau, and seconded by Dave Koenig. Mike Bury & Muriel will work together to get all the necessary applications signed, and cover letters generated to get it going. Depending on the amount of time it takes to go through the approval process, it could be closer to July 1st for an initial start date.
3)      Elections: Barb Bouljon & Muriel Maskalans are working on the election process. A draft of the election procedures was completed by Barb, and sent to the county with an indication we intended to proceed in that manner. Mike Bury has drafted up a letter to go out to all residents, and will run by the board & set-up committee to send.
4)      Exemption Process: In speaking to the County, it was recommended that we make the exemption process much less formal. Rather than sending out letters to all, it was suggested that we define the process in our by-laws, and have a copy ready at the annual meeting for review. There doesn’t need to be a written waiver. It was agreed that the board would proceed in this manner, and Ron Croteau agreed to make the revisions to the by-laws along with a couple other pending changes for the election process for board approval
b)      Communication – Mike Gaynor / Rick Jestus
1)      Website: Rick Jestus continues to update the website for the CLID. The address is www.CLIDMN.org. Typing into www.CLIDMN.com will lead to this site as well. Rick indicated that the website has had 17,000 hits in 6 weeks.
2)      Future mailings – there will need to be another mailing within the next few weeks to get out information regarding the election and annual meeting. There will also need to be some notification to the newspapers and public notice. The Communication group needs to work with the set-up committee to get these details worked out. An update will be performed at the next board meeting.
3)      Bulk mailing with County? Ron Croteau agreed to check with the County regarding any potential cost break in doing some sort of bulk mailing through the County. Larry Dalien, land commissioner, indicated there were no breaks available to have the county do this.
4)      Expense reimbursement. Mike Gaynor repeated his request for a petty cash fund to handle misc. expenses. A motion was made to start up a petty cash fund – this motion was not seconded, and was tabled. Mike indicated that the publishers needed to get paid, so he was going to pay them himself. The board recommended to Mike that he get his written expense s to the board so he could be paid as soon as possible, but he was skeptical and did not present them to the board for payment yet.
c)      Research committee -   Tim Donnay / Greg Buschman / Jim Schneider / Rich Kuhlman / Doug Tierney
1)      Doug Tierney was the only committee member able to present any information. Doug shared some information on treatments on other lakes, some information on mercury and Coon Lake’s status on the impaired list, and other general information based on his research. He shared information with the group, and gave some information to Rick for the website.
2)      Ron Croteau requested that the committee have its lead person at the next meeting, or that it’s chair, Tim Donnay write up a report on what is happening within the group.
d)     Lake Vegetation Committee – Dave Koenig / Leon Magers / Steve Olson / Doug Tierney
1)      Dave Koenig was the only representative from this group. Dave Koenig commented on the point intercept survey is being done by CLIA, and the schedule is being worked out.
2)      It was requested that the water quality report that Leon Mager submitted to CLIA should be added to the CLID website.
3)      Dave provided to the group a document entitled “pre-survey 5/26/08’ that outlined the treatment priorities around the lake with the concentration of infestation, along with a map showing the areas effected.
4)      Dave also passed out a straw proposal on how the budget requirements might total, along with a recommendation on how the budget should be approached, with a Plan A (about $113k) and Plan B (around $71k) treatment options. This is preliminary, but Dave is awaiting some additional information from the research committee on other LIDS costs etc.
5)      A lot of information has been generated by the Lake Vegetation group, and will be available on the box.net site. Ron Croteau will contact Greg Buschman to send this site address out to the committee volunteers and to the board again.
f)       Funding / Finance Committee – Mike Bury
1)      Mike Bury has been checking out some possible funding sources at the UM of M that were provided by Greg Buschman of the research committee at a prior meeting.
2)      Mike Bury is still in need of volunteers for this committee, as well as ideas regarding groups to contact re funds raising opportunities.
7) New Business / Discussion
a)      County treatment.
It was indicated that Jeff Perry of the County has indicated the Counties intention on treating the beach area – approximately 16 acres. The lake plan group will check on the rate the work is being quoted.
Meeting adjourned (time approx 9:09PM)
We want to thank all those who attended the meeting, and a give a particular thank you and our appreciation to those who have volunteered to help.

NOTE --- The CLID’s Next Meeting will be Wed. June 11th at 7:00 PM at the CLCSC as usual.