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CLID July 9 2008
Jul 9, 2008 --


Coon Lake Improvement District Board Meeting Minutes—July 9, 2008
Call to order: 7:09
Board Members Present:                    Board Members Absent:
Mike Bury - Chairman,                       Mike Gaynor – 1st Vice Chair
Ron Croteau – Secretary                     Dave Koenig – 2nd Vice Chair,
Tim Donnay - Treasurer,
There were 3 committee members present (Muriel Maskalans, Rick Jestus, and Doug Tierney). Al Beck, who has submitted his letter of interest to be a candidate for the Board election on July 23rd attended also.
1)      Introduction of Participants – Board & Visitors
2)      Approval of Minutes: Since the Board minutes were circulated to all Board members via e-mail with a request to be notified of any changes, it was decided the minutes of the 6/25 meeting could be approved since no dissent received
3)      Open Forum for Public Comments:   
4)      Treasurer’s report
Since the Treasurer was not at the meeting, a Treasurer’s report was not available to review.
5) Review Old Business
a)      County Financial Contract
We are still awaiting the final revisions to the contract to sign. Mike Bury has obtained a Federal Tax ID for the CLID.  A meeting was held between the County and Mike Bury, Tim Donnay & Ron Croteau on process for check reimbursement, deposits, and reporting. The county has supplied us with voucher forms, a chart of account, and other information to get started. Mike Bury has been collecting signatures of Directors required by the County, and we were short only that of Tim Donnay as of 7/9. Mike has been following up with the Asst County Attorney whom is reviewing the contract changes. The latest hurdle is a signatory for the checks. It was discussed, but could not be approved that the Treasurer whom would be selected after the annual election would be the check signatory.
b)     Official Notification. Mike Bury passed around copies of the official notifications and newspaper notice for our annual meeting. We have complied with all requirements.
c)      By-Laws. The by-laws revision (version 2008-06-25) was circulated to the Board. Mike Bury indicated that this did not look like the final version and asked to be sent another copy, as it was needed for the financial Services contract. Ron Croteau agreed to do so.
6) Committee Updates:
a)      Set-Up / Admin Committee – Ron Croteau / Muriel Maskalans / Barb Bouljon / Penny Balfany
1)      Properties within the district: Ron Croteau has received the property revision list from the County. The database has been updated by Ron & Penny for use by the set-up committee and for the election process. Mail labels list are being updated.
2)      Elections: Barb Bouljon & Muriel Maskalans are working on the election process. Absentee ballots will be handled by Barb. Copies of the ballot will also need to be made by Ron Croteau. Barb has gotten volunteers to count ballots for the election.
b)      Communication – Mike Gaynor / Rick Jestus
Nothing new to report
c)      Research committee -   Tim Donnay / Greg Buschman / Jim Schneider / Rich Kuhlman / Doug Tierney
1)      Doug Tierney was the only committee member present. Doug shared some information on various weed species, and gave each Board member a book with weed species identified.
2)      Doug contacted Professional Lake Management in Pequot Lakes trying to get more detailed information on treatments. They indicated they did not do partial spot treatment – preferring whole lake (or whole bay for instance) treatment. They have indicated a willingness to come to one of our future meetings.
3)      Tim Donnay had indicated at the 6/25 meeting that Greg Buschman has done extensive research on treatments at other LIDS, and had indicated a summary would be provided, but neither Tim nor Greg were at this meeting.
d)     Lake Vegetation Committee – Dave Koenig / Leon Magers / Steve Olson / Doug Tierney
1)      Only Doug present – see Research committee comments above. 
2)       With the survey work now complete (but detailed results still not available) we agreed that it is important that we now push the DNR to work on the Lake Vegetation plan. Mike Bury indicated he would contact Neil Vanderbosch of the DNR whom is the individual responsible, and whom has been awaiting survey information to get started.
3)      It became clear in the meeting that any expectation of treatment on the lake in 2008 that would needed to be funded by other than grant money probably wouldn’t be done. It is getting late, and the funds in CLIA’s treasury that were set aside for treatment were never requested at their annual meeting to be authorized for expenditures by the members. This appears to be a major oversight.
4)      When the survey results are available, it was discussed that someone on the Lake Plan committee put these into the box.net database.
f)       Funding / Finance Committee – Mike Bury
1)      Mike Bury is still in need of volunteers for this committee, as well as ideas regarding groups to contact re funds raising opportunities.
2)      Mike announced it is his intention to write a letter from the CLID to request they include some funding for the CLID as they prepare their annual budgets.
7) New Business / Discussion
a)      BUDGET – ANNUAL MEETING The subject of timing and agenda of the annual meeting was discussed. It is imperative that we have a budget submittal ready to be voted on. Mike Bury indicated that he had all the data available to date, and would draft up a budget presentation to be distributed to the other board members for approval prior to the 23rd.
b)      E-mail addresses - It was discussed that the petition process, at the end we started getting e-mail addresses from CLID petition signors. At some point in the near future we will work on consolidating that with other databases to get as complete a list as possible.
c)      Additional expenses - There were additional expenses submitted to the board for payment
a)      $35.80 by Mike Bury for the publishing / cost of official notice of election
b)      $768.00 from the MCIT for insurance submitted by Muriel Maskalans
Meeting adjourned (time approx 8:02 PM)
We want to thank all those who attended the meeting, and a give a particular thank you and our appreciation to those who have volunteered to help.
NOTE --- The CLID’s Next Meeting will be the ANNUAL MEETING -- Wed. July 23rd at 6:30 PM at Our Saviors Ministry Building – Highways 65 & 22