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Coon Lake Improvement District
2008 - 2009 Meeting Minutes > CLID Special Meeting Dec. 1 2008
CLID Special Meeting Dec. 1 2008
Dec 14, 2008 --

MINUTES – Coon Lake Improvement District Board Meeting

SPECIAL MEETING – December 1, 2008


Call to order: 7:00 by Chairman Mike Bury.

Board Members present: Mike Bury, Tim Donnay, Dave Koenig,

Board Members absent: Al Beck, Ron Croteau

Guests Present: CLIA Board Members Present; Leon Magers, Steve Olson, Mike Gaynor .

DNR Representatives were Tim Ohmann, Fisheries, aquatic plant management speciality and Shawn Sisler, DNR Fisheries.



Follow Lake Minnetonka Draft Format

Include 2 Point intercept surveys recently completed.

Propose signatures on permits to treat to last 5 years instead of yearly

Only 3 bass tournament permits last year (with 30+ Members)

2 Tournaments allowed per month by DNR on Coon Lake.

Possible to Amend permit to include a new infestation area not previously noted.

Aerators helping increasing water quality

Treat CLP in east basin first.

Mechanical harvesting is not a good option per Tim Ohmann.

5 year plan is open with a detailed year by year plan.

Chemical assay needed to factor in costs for posting property after treating levels will drop.

Herbicides 2-4D used to treat Milfoil. Water temperature should be 50-60’ for Milfoil treatments.

Aquathal K (Endethol) used to treat curly leaf pond weed.

LVMP to be completed by Tim Ohmann by December 25.

Mike Bury is delegating his authority for signature to the first Vice Chair to sign the LVMP in his absence.

Motion was made to pass and adjourn.



Respectfully submitted,

Tim Donnay

CLID Secretary

Next board meeting will be on December 10, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.