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Coon Lake Improvement District
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CLID September 9 2009
Oct 14, 2009 --

Coon Lake Improvement District (CLID)

Board Minutes

September 9, 2009


Call to Order

Chair Mike Bury called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.


Members present:

ü       Chair                       Mike Bury

ü       First vice Chair               Al Beck

ü       Second vice Chair               Dave Koenig

ü       Treasurer                       Ron Croteau

ü       Secretary                      Keith VonDeLinde


Open Forum for Public Comments

No comments were made.


Approval of August 12, 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by Al Beck, seconded by Keith VonDeLinde to approve the minutes as submitted. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report

a)       Ron Croteau presented the treasurer report and stated that we have $43,226.94 in the account.


b)      Two debits were made, one for printing and supplies and one for the lake treatment.


c)       Mike Bury submitted the check for $10,000.00 from the DNR grant to Ron Croteau.


A motion was made by Dave Koenig, seconded by Al Beck to approve the Treasurer report as submitted.  Motion Passed.


Old Business



Committee Reports

1)       Administration


a)       The CLID Web site has been updated with the annual meeting presentation.  Photos that go with the presentation still need to be added.


b)      “Questions and Answers” from the annual meeting were reviewed; Ron Croteau will update the changes and submit them for addition to the Web site.


c)       Discussed a request from East Bethel for information related to the CLID‘s taxation of properties on Coon Lake.  Mike Bury will submit a response.




2)       LakeVegetation Plan


a)     Will begin the plan for an early spring 2010 Curly Leaf Treatment                       


b)    Received the 2009 Coon Lake survey results, Mike Bury will review and forward a copy to PLM.


c)     Keith VonDeLinde will update the Excel spread sheet with the latest spotter team data and forward to Ron Croteau and Dave Koenig.



3)       Finance / Fundraising


a)       Mike Bury has submitted a “request for funding” to all three cities that abut Coon Lake for 2010.


b)      A request for funding was made to the County and it was also noted that the County/DNR could review the policy related to charging boaters for daily use of the boat launches.


c)     Mike Bury will investigate the availability of funds from the new “Clean Water Act”.



4)       Communication / Publications


a)       Ron Croteau presented a form that Coon Lake property owners will submit when they wish to be exempted from paying their CLID property tax due to hardship.  The form will be made available on the CLID web site


New Business

            Reviewed new property pins for 2010 CLID property assessment.



A motion was made to by Dave Koenig, seconded by Al Beck that the meeting be adjourned at 8:45 PM.  Motion passed.


Future Meeting Dates

2nd Wednesday of each month, October 14th, November 11th, December 9th, January 13th



Meeting minutes submitted by Keith VonDeLinde